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God Is in Control The first demonstration of the day I met Peter. Before I opened my prospectus to canvass him, Peter opened up and shared with me all of his problems. He told me he was a homosexual and was still grieving the death of his partner from AIDS 10 years before. I hadn't opened my prospectus when I asked him if he believed in God. He told me he very much believed and prayed regularly, and many times a day thought about God. I thought of asking him if he knew what the Bible said about homosexuality, but I was impressed not to mention it. When I eventually canvassed him, Peter showed particular interest in the Stampley Bible and The Bible Reference Library and wanted to order a package worth $1800.

Peter shared a house with his brother, and as I was closing the sale, Peter's brother, Brian, came home. I was a bit disturbed that he had walked in at such a crucial moment, but God had a lesson to teach me that He is in control when it comes to His work. I had good reason to be concerned.

As I introduced myself to Brian and stood up to shake his hand, I got the limpest left handed handshake ever. He wouldn't make eye contact with me and I barely got a grunt out of him as I shook his hand. I was feeling very uncomfortable at this time, as I thought I had a certain sale. I continued closing, and as we were working out a payment plan Brian kept saying to his brother, “You can't afford them,” over and over.

Peter argued back and said, “I can so,” repeatedly. This went on for a couple of minutes.

It sounds quite amusing looking back at it now, but at the time I was getting pretty annoyed at Brian and really had to hold my tongue. Peter, suddenly realising that he couldn't afford them, piped up and said, “OK, Brian, why don't you help me pay for them then?”

To my surprise Brian answered, “No, I want to get a set of my own.” I could not believe what was happening. The man I thought was the enemy now wanted to order a set of books! I signed up two big orders in that house.

The story does not end there. The next day Peter phoned to cancel his order, stating that he was in quite a lot of debt and he could not afford to pay anything off right then. I sat back and thanked God for Brian's order so that the books could still go into that home and help those two men. The story then took a remarkable twist, as the next day I got home and received a message to phone Brian. My only thought was, He's cancelling. I got on my knees and told God that the experience with these two men was too good to end like this. I pleaded with Him that it would not be a cancellation.

I'm still not sure what God was trying to show me through this, but one thing He showed me was that He has a sense of humour. I returned the call and Peter answered the phone. When I asked for Brian, Peter spoke on his behalf and told me Brian was just phoning to tell me he was not going to cancel the order! I was taken by surprise once again. How many customers phone just to tell you that they are not going to cancel? I've never heard of it. Praise God for His leading and His extraordinary answer to prayer. - Adam Weal, Northern Area

Important reading: The seven years of tribulation exposes the lies of the enemy on this deception manufactured by Jesuit priests and teaches the real truth on the second coming of Christ. Solar seals and the number of the beast has fascinating information on magic squares with the number 666 on them that came from Babylon. And the following sites explain why the Bible refers to the Roman Catholic Church as Babylon. So Constantine and the origin of sun worship followed by Catholic Church paganism and then who changed the Sabbath to Sunday will help greatly in understanding why Satan did these things and was behind the day change from the beginning. [sabbath]

Proverbs 3:27


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